Innovative Structural Design Tool

Innovative Structural Design Tool 1.0.0

ISDT is a comprehensive, yet simple to use program that allows to create and analyze residential designs.

ISDT is a comprehensive, yet simple to use program that allows to create and analyze residential designs.

Excellent tool for home designers, engineers, building contractors or architects.

Create a 2D plan of any building, using the quick construction tools.

Create several types of buildings, from medium-sized structures, to residential spaces.

Quick tools to create a column, a wall, a beam or a foundation with one mouse click.

Calculate distances, structure’s components, height, weight, soil bearing or required material amount.

Import data or architectural sketches, drawings and structures from PDFs.

Estimate the amount of required materials, distances, resistance to weight, axial load or suitable connectors.

Add several annotations in bubbles or text boxes, right on the project.

Large amount of transparency to print design along with project.

Roof: Roof Beam, Roof Rafter, Hip & Valley Beam.

Floor: Floor Beam, Floor Joists.

Column: Single Column, Stud Wall, Built-Up Column

Foundation: Wall Footing, Square Footing, Rectangular Footing and Combined Footing

Showing Multi-Tasks in Single Screen

Creating Structures & Applying Loadings

Design Factors & Selection of Multi-Members

Shear, Moment & Deflection Diagrams

Creating Beam directly from Screen or Entering Length

Adding or Modifying Supporting Conditions Directly from Screen

Adding or Modifying Point Loads and Distributed Loads Directly from Screen

Design Results of Selected Members

Beam, Column and Foundation Designs Created Over Imported Building Plan

Reduce Preparing Time for Design

Work Space Not Required

Creating Mobility

Creating Final Copy for Structural Design.

Creating Excellent Design Summary for Future Record.

Creating Excellent Design Document for Building Permit.

Design Codes: IBC2012, NDS2012, ACE 318-11 &AISC 14TH

Multi-screen features & multi-tasks my single click.

Dynamic features in creating structures and applying loadings.

The results of design information written over building plan.

Solid and reliable calculation with excellent printing facility

Importing design plan, architectural drawings, sketches from PDFs

Innovative Structural Design Tool


Innovative Structural Design Tool 1.0.0